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Jane Eyre

Heathcliff and Catherine are wildly in love. Th book is the result of their violence and misery that result from their thwarted longing for eachother. It is filled with the uncanny understanding of the terrible truths about men and women.
Jenna Evans, Resident Scholar
This is the story of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, who have loved one another since childhood. When Catherine declares that she cannot marry Heathcliff because it would lower her, he disappears and she marries Edgar Linton. When Heathcliff does return, he weasles his way back into Cathy's life; but she dies and Heathcliff vows to take it out on everyone around him...even if it means ruining Cathy's daughter's life.
Sarrah, Resident Scholar
When Cathy realizes that she cannot go on living without Heathcliff she ends up dying in Heathcliff's arms.
Bridgett Fabian, Resident Wuthering Heights (1939) Scholar
For a renowned romance novel, this is a savage and cold tale. (See Camille Paglia's chapter on it in _Sexual Personae_.) Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, an orphan raised in Catherine's home on the moors of northern England, are enthralled with each other but marry other people. Out of the violence of their emotions and the opposition in and between their families come the destruction of nearly all the Earnshaws of Wuthering Heights and the Lintons of nearby Thrushcross Grange. Though the narrator Mr. Lockwood pieces together most of the tale in the early 19th century, most of the events take place earlier, in the second half of the 18th.
David Loftus, Resident Scholar
The story of two children grown up together, not getting along very well... they seem to hate each other... but love is hidden behind hate, an impossible love destined to last till the end.
Katy, Resident Scholar
A breathtaking story of obsessive love AND hate. Two tortured souls devided by social structure. This book will leave you as chilled as the wind on the Yorkshire moors but in complete awe of the power of love!!
Heather huckfeldt, Resident Scholar 
As a child, Heathcliff was brought to Wuthering Heights by Cathy's father who found him in the streets of Liverpool. Heathcliff and Cathy's love grow over the years until the day Cathy agrees to marry someone else--Edgar Linton, their wealthy neighbour. Heathcliff leaves for the U.S.A. and comes back a few years later after having made a fortune. With the idea of hurting Cathy's feelings, he marries Isabella Linton.
Daniel Staebler, Resident Wuthering Heights (1939) Scholar
Catherine Earnshaw and her family take in a ragged orphan-Heathcliff. Catherine, "Cathy", and Heathcliff fall in love but are parted but a cruel fate. Their love lives through all things, even death.
Alli Baker, Resident Scholar
Wuthering Heights is a book filled with hate, lust and revenge. It is based on a ferocious and fierce love story of Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw and their immortal, all-absorbing passion. After all the agony, misery and anguish they reunite in death.
Olga Maximenko, Resident Scholar
Heathcliff and Cathy are wild children who fall in love, but when Cathy marries the wealthy Edgar, Heathcliff vows to get revenge on the one he loves.
Megan Westley, Resident Wuthering Heights (1939) Scholar


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